Stephen Holland

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About the Artists:

Kobe and Ali have called Stephen Holland one of their favorite artists. The Holland style is unique and has evolved over the years becoming a favorite in the halls of the executive suite of the Baltimore Ravens to the living room walls of top collectors.

His youth shaped him as a painter as he didn't have the structured training that many artists received at a young age. The images he found to paint were conceived from boxing magazines. The magazine articles in his collection of sports magazines conveyed to him the determination and hard work any athlete must have to be a winner. Holland found this an inspiration to himself as a person and an artist. He put as much discipline, devotion and determination into his own work to express what both he and the athlete experience.

None of this came easy for Holland, As a child he was handicapped and had to watch his family and friends play sports. The steel brace he wore on his leg prevented him from attending neighborhood schools. But handicaps often heighten one's other sensitivities. Though his mother used to say he began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, Stephen's abilities actually blossomed while attending a special high school. He later attended the Art Students League, the School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute, all in New York City.

Holland's talent and contributions to art and sports received national recognition in 1993, when the American Sport Art Museum awarded him the honor of Sports Artist of the Year. Other honors include being the Official Artist of the Los Angeles Kings and being one of the twelve artists selected by the United States Olympic Committee to represent the 100th Anniversary of the Olympics. His work is found in the collections of celebrities, athletes, and private collectors around the globe.

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